It’s a hyper-connected world, make every interaction count

Your clients and leads generate data every time they are online, AI gives your business the tools to extract actionable meaning and value from every interaction.

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    Understand what makes your customers happy using Impact AI


    Why your business grows with our platforms

    First things first. How do we do it?



    A call takes place between a client or lead and an agent. It may be a sales call or it could be from a client seeking support.


    Every call made using the platform is recorded and saved securely. Impact Telecom offers free unlimited recordings for up to one year.


    Speech to text analysis converts the call to text. Natural Language Processing (NLP) uses syntax analysis to give the text context and meaning.

    Sentiment Analysis & Compliance Management

    Sentiment Analysis determines the overall mood of the call. NLP and Machine Learning highlight potential compliance issues.

    Continual Learning

    Words can be tagged manually to accelerate Machine Learning and tailor the platform to the terminology of the industry or territory the business operates.

    Better campaigns. Better products. Better sales

    with Impact AI

    Every business wants to make the most out of their marketing spend. By analysing the success over every agent and campaign, Machine Learning identifies the most successful calls of each agent so that their effectiveness increases over time. As more data is collected and analysed, ML reveals which keywords are the most effective by territory, age group or any other pre-defined metric.

    Protect and enhance your brand reputation

    with Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

    Every business that is required to follow compliance procedures faces heavy fines and damage to their hard-earned reputation if agents compromise regulations about how services are presented. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can identify when communications infringe regulations. Early identification prevents offence repetition by highlighting the calls with the highest probability of compliance issues and significantly increases the efficiency of the compliance department. In addition to a reduction in fines, fewer employees are needed to monitor communications.

    Know how your customer feels

    with Sentiment Analysis

    Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers boost profits and have a greater lifetime value. Sentiment Analysis reveals what makes your customers happy. Impact CRM and Impact Telecom collect and analyse mood data to highlight the keywords that lead to sales. Sentiment Analysis also pinpoints the interactions that lead to client unhappiness and combined with Machine Learning helps a business protect brand reputation by avoiding repetition of the same negative interactions. The platform ‘learns’ from the mood data collected and becomes more precise in its understanding about what actions result in a happy, loyal client using your feedback through Continual Learning and delivers insights that result in higher converting campaigns.

    Turn your team into super agents

    with Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

    Our analytics identify the best sales approaches by highlighting the keywords and the time of day that most frequently results in sales. Other data like the optimal talk/listen ratio and what keywords work best and what to avoid by territory is combined to create clearly defined sales guidelines. As the data set grows, what should and shouldn’t be said becomes a template that everyone can use to increase conversions and turn your team into super agents.


    Collect data from every channel to increase personalisation

    with Automated Lead Scoring

    Context analysis and Machine Learning combine to extract value from every client interaction. Collecting communications data from social media channels, emails, chats and phone calls accelerates your ability to personalise future interactions by adding context to each interaction. Over time, a more detailed picture is built which results in higher levels of personalisation. Eventually, the platform will automatically assign leads to agents based on their success rate with similar leads.

    Out-of-the-box integration with your favourite products

    Scalable API architecture makes integration hassle-free
    The Project INNOVATE/0719/0057 is co-funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation
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